Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do Forgive Me!

I am very tardy in my posting and hope all will be forgiven soon.

Mr. Gene  (Miss Isabeaus' husband) we call him Papa, has been quite ill and
then had to go in for a surgery.

So we have all been quite worried, most especially my sister Fluffy.
For you see every since she was a small kit it has been her sworn duty to care
for Papa. Then to make matters worse, Fluffy and I were taken to the Dr. and
we too had a surgery.

We, however had no complications and were home the next day.  All and all
it was not so bad as we made it out to be, but one must keep up appearances.
We hid for half a day,but made sure we were there for  Papa when it was time
to go to bed.  A girl must do what a girl must do after all, but sleeping away
for Papa is not one of them.

Now on to worldly things for a moment, the party was a grand success and
every one had a great time, later when there is more time I will post pictures,
but for now this will have to do.

I really must go for the moment, Papa is taking a nap and I must take up my post.
After all we are his "Guardians".

My best to you all, and will write more when time is permitting.

Sincerely,  Miss Chif (MEOW)


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