Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lilly said I made a mistake!

Well, Miss Chif  here

Did not think I would have to do this in just a few days;

however when my friend Lilly went to the Blog, she said I

had made some errors

Well my response to that was " Do you know how hard it is

for me to type?  After all I  am using my paws and 

Miss Isabeau (my mistress) has one of those fancy flat 

keyboards, which are not conducive (yes I have a very

large vocabulary) to hunt and peck." 

The hunt part I have down real good, but that peck

part causes me problems.  It should be hunt and 


So we agreed, next time (for today) Miss Isabeau can

 edit it with me.  Then Lilly can tell her HA! HA! HA!

Lilly can not help as you can see by her picture why.

But she sure is good at finding my mistakes. Well that is

a dog for you.

So until next time, forgive me if  I error.  And be assured

if I do Lilly will be right on it.

Happy days and Blissful dreams

(and do not forget a cat nap or 2)

Miss Chif,  meow!


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