Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day


Hi! everyone Miss Chif here,

When Miss Isabeau first talked about Valentines and February as being the month of LOVE,

I was less than impressed.

However, she had a plan in mind and so we carried on.

Now I do not always like to admit that she has some interesting ideas, but this was great fun.

First we went on the computer and she showed me how to find clip art.

Who would have ever dreamed  (is it nap time? oh, sorry)  This would be interesting?

I found all kinds of things, and with CATS!, and ribbons and lace, glitter and gold. Hee Hee, what FUN!!!!

I even got to use the shears and cut out the cards from the printed sheets.

Some of mine had mistakes ( I cut off the corner) and wanted to start over, but she said with practice it 

Would get easier, something about small motor and muscle memory.

I think sometimes she forgets I am a Cat!

It was just Grand, with scraps of paper and valentines all over the floor.
We had so much fun with time to play and tummy rubs,

I felt like a kitten again.

I think even my Miss was thinking of younger times, she smiled and laughed, like she does 

When Papa and her are talking. They do that a lot!

After all of that it was getting late in the afternoon, and we live near the 43rd parallel so

Dark would be upon us soon.

Most certainly NAP TIME!!!! 

The next day with my Misses help, scanned them back into the computer so you could

See them on this Blog.   SEE?

I want to give you a sneak peak of the one I saved out for my Miss and there it is.

I forgot to enter the writing before I added the picture, but I will learn quick enough.

Happy Valentines To Everyone and have a PURRRRfect day.

Faithfully yours,

Miss Chif,    MEOW !

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  1. Hi Miss Chif! I love your blog! My Miss Kitty and Perriwinkle will have to come check it out, they are being too lazy right now...